Why did I start this blog?

The short answer is because I’ve happened to repeat the same ideas as a comment on baseball blog postings across the internet concerning realignment matters. My bet is that someone using a search query will come across this blog and could actively discuss why the division championship is more or less a throwaway title ever since MLB went to a six division format. A baseball fan’s opinion of the division title could change course under the right circumstances, which will be outlined in later posts.

Another reason is because I originally wanted to see the Miami Marlins in the American League as I believe the switch to the AL would appropriately coincide with the new name, stadium, uniforms, and ambiance. In addition to a newly minted rivalry with the Rays which would be the east coast version of the Dodgers-Giants years down the road, thus will save the state of baseball in Florida.

It appeared as though what I would have liked to see happen in Florida happened in Texas with the Houston Astros being slated to join the AL in 2013 thus would enable an up-and-coming rival with the Texas Rangers. But it appears as though longtime fans of the Astros seem to resent the switch because they would lose longtime opponents with the Braves and Cardinals among other NL teams. I also agree with the fact that frequent two hour time difference against teams in the West coast would cause viewership decline. I remember not long before the current alignment that the Astros were in the NL west division. I wish I could pinpoint viewership numbers when the Astros played the Padres, Dodgers, and Giants on the road. Again, this is long before cable RSNs and MLB’s subscription packages.

Before I proceed with my realignment ideas, I would like to mention that having previously lived in the West Coast (and visited all western MLB ballparks) and despite that I favor the American League, I do like the NL West because of the geographical placement of its teams. Would anyone think things would be quite easier if the Mariners, A’s, and Angels were all to be in the same division with the NL West Teams? That is just the gist of what I have in mind. More to follow.