My MLB realignment proposal

My objective with this proposal is to preserve most continuity between teams and fanbases that have been built over the years while mitigating issues related to travel and late start times that are often prevalent when teams in the East and Central time zones play against the Western teams and vice-versa, which in turn could mean as much as a three hour discrepancy on either side.

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1. Eliminate the National and American Leagues.

  • I think teams in different leagues are inappropriately compared and measured when they couldn’t face head-to-head.

2. Replace the six divisions with four, partly based on geography and history.

3. To place a premium on winning the division and attaining the playoff incentives thereof, 84 games will be played against teams from within division

  • 12 games x 7 teams for an eight-team division. 14 games x 6 teams for the 7-team division.
  • To supplement the 162 game schedule, one team would host a three game series against half of the teams from outside of division and be the visiting team for the other half, which would enable all teams to play each other at least once a season and to host any particular team at least once every other year during the regular season.
  • In most cases, teams in similar geographical areas must host different teams during the course of the season, with intention to reduce travel overlap.
  • Special scheduling considerations can be factored in to complete the 162 game schedule, such as the Mets hosting and visiting the Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants in addition to the Braves hosting and visiting the Red Sox, Marlins, and Rays.
  • Or in the alternative, schedule additional three-game series against select comparatively ranked teams in opposite venues.

4. The four division champions will all host at least the first round of the postseason and seeded 1-4 in accordance with regular season record.

5. The remaining four playoff berths will be at large, seeded 5-8 based on season record.

6. The highest seeded team after the first two playoff series will be the host of the World Series.

7. The All-Star game will convert to a two game All-Star doubleheader.

  • One game will be the Gold Gloves vs Silver Sluggers based on previous season’s award winners.
  • The other game will be Team USA vs International All-Stars, all voted on by the fans.